East Africa Model United Nations (EAMUN) was established in 1982. It is one of the only MUN programs to hold its conference on UN soil, and provides students with the opportunity for complete immersion in the UN system.

EAMUN is devoted to “building leadership for tomorrow,” by fostering student growth in public speaking, self confidence, and knowledge of contemporary global issues – all attributes of a modern day leader. Our program explores the complexity of intricate current conflicts, whilst advocating both ethics and pragmatism in conflict resolution.

The East African Model United Nations program consists of the EAMUN conference, for students aged 14-19, and the MSMUN conference, for those between 11 and 14. EAMUN has grown over the past decades from an inter-school activity into an internationally recognized conference.

Both programs have evolved over the years to become platforms for students to hone a vast array of skills including debating and public speaking, journalistic talents, and leadership. Student participation continues to expand to include a growing number of delegates, from all across Kenya, Eastern Africa, and the world.

Tremendous support for both the MSMUN and EAMUN programs is offered by the staff at the UN headquarters in Gigiri, Kenya. This support has enabled the continued growth of the program, and ongoing revision aimed at enhancing the MUN experience. We look forward to implementing a number of changes this year that will further enrich our MUN program and make it even more enjoyable for all those involved.


East African Model United Nations
Langata Road,
P.O Box 24819 00502 Nairobi, Kenya
(+254) 0208067783, (+254) 0202662137
info@eamun.org, http://www.eamun.org



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